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I hadn’t been to London since 2013 and boy were there some fabulous changes I experienced. In the past I usually went with golfing buddies in pursuit of the British Open courses but this time I went with my son Jonah, now 17 and it was really fun having him travelling with me to London

Saigon, Jakarta and Thailand 2019

Another great trip back to SE Asia, last time I was in Saigon was 1993, to say there were changes would be a understatment. Jakarta was a first and what a great time, my hosts were amazing. We played golf and broke fast together each nite for Ramadan, something I never thought I would do

2018 Thailand

Photographically this trip to Thailand was a success, , from Phuket’s Como @ Point Yamu, Yamu Village peeps, Rawai’s Sea Gypsies and Bangkok’s Chinatown was great but the main goal of selling my house on Phuket was not acieved :(… Some of what makes it Amazing Thailand!