Spiritually Photographic Journey Thailand, Burma and Cambodia 2018

I decided to make some big changes in the way I lived my life in the Summer of 2018. I spent the first 3 weeks in Phuket at Miracles Asia, to allow myself the opportunity to change my emotional and physical outlook on life and the way I interacted not only with myself but all those affected, positively and negatively for the last 44 years.

I saw things in myself, I had no idea were there and consequently things in all of my awareness that truly allowed me to view everything through my new spiritual eyes, which connected me through my heart directly to my soul. Having never been there before, I wasn’t sure where it would lead me but the belief in something higher than me, allowed me to experience life in a way I never have before.

I hope you will enjoy my photographically spiritual journey through, Thailand Burma and Cambodia, as much as I did taking the pictures…


  • Wonderful to see your life evolve, Michael. I always enjoy looking at your Facebook site to see your commitment to family.

    • Hi Bruce,
      Happy New Year! I always am thinking about you and when I was just bback i found the PG article you wrote about me. I will be back in April and May and would love to catch up my old friend 🙂

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