I hadn’t been to London since 2013 and boy were there some fabulous changes I experienced. In the past I usually went with golfing buddies in pursuit of the British Open courses but this time I went with my son Jonah, now 17 and it was really fun having him travelling with me to London as a young adult.

I spent two days exploring the historic and controversial Brick Lane, a bastion for some of London’s graffiti and boy did I have fun. Learning about the changes in the area over the last few hundred years was facinating. The street is now home to mostly Indian restaurants, where the owners stand out front offering curry “the best in town”…

London’s most popular bagles are also found at the far end of the lane, along with an amazing international food market, with everything from Chinese to Lithuanian and fruit to pastry… Needless to say I ate too much.

Brick Lane is also the area where Jack the Ripper became infamous as the photo of “Jack the Clipper” barbershop


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