My story to your Photo Book

At the age of 12, I was given my first Polaroid when we moved to Hong Kong in the summer of 1968. I still remember my first series of photos, from the “famed” Cat Street market, where all the small Antique dealers set up their stalls and all the bargaining goes on… The “Cat Street” market is what got me hooked on photography. Fortunately, Hong Kong was such a beautiful place back in the days, it kept me inspired and as we were American and my dad was an expat, we were afforded home leave each summer, which generally took us to Europe and or Hawaii before the East Coast. My ability to shoot ever-changing scenery traveling throughout my childhood kept me interested. However, it wasn’t until I moved to NYC in my early twenties, that I realized how passionate I was about just capturing the moment in peoples daily lives on the streets of NYC.

I was one of the founders of Manny’s Carwash Blues Bar in NYC from 1989-1999, where my love for entertainment photography got its roots. My friend was fun shooting celebrity parties at Metrodome, System and the nightclub scene in the late 90’s. I was the only photographer at Playboy’s party for Carmen Electra’s 24th birthday party at System on 13th Street and to this day, no one has ever seen the pictures.

Upon my retirement from Property Development in Phuket, Thailand, I followed my daughter Jane, who decided to come to Santa Barbara for University. I put together and pursued my two passions in life, golf and photography. Breaking into the photography world, not knowing anyone, I had to try and network very quickly to figure out an angle. After all, I was already 56. That angle turned out to be my WeinsteinPhotoBooks and It’s my way of being the photojournalistic fly on the wall capturing those memorable moments to create my 11”x17” lay flat coffee table books. I have made books for Andy Garcia, Jake and Steve Owen, Irving Azoff, Stanford Mens Golf Team 2015, Justin Verlander, Jim Crane, Harris Barton, Larry Baer and Tom Pernice Jr, to name a few.

The Photo Book

I know how difficult it is to choose your pictures from a large catalog taken by photographers at weddings, birthdays, sporting events, or concerts. That’s why I have made so many WeinsteinPhotoBooks for people who have everything, except that great memory that isn’t just one or two photos or a video.

I am available for photo shoots worldwide and know that through my WeinsteinPhotoBooks, you will enjoy having a book full of lifetime memories on your coffee table!